quarta-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2014

Joseph Melvin MTK's Card Craft

Confiram alguns outros trabalhos do nosso grande amigo e colaborador Joseph Melvin do blog


How are things. I've got a lot more models if you want them, a lot of Wars models and others.

Check out some of my other recent work below...

I've been working on the new build up of an Aries 1-B from 2001, it's one of the Atomic City's kits. Check out the blog post here.

Also, here are the last few movies, please share these with your friends and associates. Thanks.

Aries Review.

Most recent "Captain Quirk Model Movie."

50" Refit Kit Review..... "Coming Soon."

Previous "Quirk Model Movie."

Of course there is another model movie in the works... As always.
Keep on Trekkin!

Thanks again..


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